I invite you to writing a bachelor or a master thesis under my supervision. My interests lie in following subjects:

  • mobile manipulator control algorithms
    • extended factitious force,
  • space robotics,
  • robot’s perception,
  • robot’s localization,
  • path and trajectory planning for a robot,
  • embedded systems,
    • microcontrollers,
    • network services,
  • Internet of Things systems,
    • transmission protocols,
    • network services,
    • measurements modules

If you decide to cooperate in terms of my supervision please send me a message with following information:

Thesis subject (in Polish)
The subject should be general so possible changes of conducted work are still within its frames.

Thesis subject (in English)
Translation of proposed thesis subject to English.

Tasks to perform
A bullet list (from 4 to max. 8 items) where all main tasks are mentioned.

Bibliography items. Books or scientific articles. At least 3 items, not more than 6.
Please do not put links to web pages. In some cases a reference to datasheet or manual can be accepted (max. 1 item).
Example of literature:

K. Tchoń, A. Mazur, I. Dulęba, R. Hossa, R. Muszyński. Manipulatory i roboty mobilne: modele, planowanie ruchu, sterowanie. Warszawa, PLJ, 2000 (in Polish).

(article in journal)
K. Kozłowski, D. Pazderski. Modeling and control of a 4-wheel skid-steering mobile robot. Int. J. Appl. Math. Comput. Sci., 2004, wolumen14, no. 4, pp. 477-496.

C. Samson, K. Ait-Abderrahim. Feedback control of a nonholonomic wheeled cart in cartesian space. IEEE Int. Conf. on Robotics and Automation. Sacramento, 1991, pp. 1136-1141

Specific additional information for bachelor thesis only

Goal and scope of work
A brief description made of 2-4 sentences. Brief subject discussion — to what field the work belongs to and what aspects are discussed.
Please us no emotionally characterised language — positive or negative!

Specific for master thesis

Research aspect
What from research point of view has to be done, 2-4 sentences.
For example: development of a new algorithm which in comparison to existing ones is better for some specific metrics.
Please us no emotionally characterised language — positive or negative!

Engineering aspect
What from engineer point of view has to be done. Two, up to four sentences.
For example: algorithm implementation.
Please us no emotionally characterised language — positive or negative!

Thesis LaTex template

The template can be downloaded from following link. Original template can be downloaded from its author’s webpage (Adam Ratajczak, PhD).

Supervised thesis

  • M. Adamczyk, Wykorzystanie silników BLDC w robocie balansującym, The usage of BLDC motors in a self-balancing robot, 2020
  • K. Bajak, System sterowania ruchem z użyciem środowiska symulacyjnego, Traffic control system for a simulation environment, 2020
  • G. Cieślar, Porównanie wydajności wybranych filtrów AHRS, Performance comparison of selected AHRS filters, 2020
  • M. Domagała, System automatycznego śledzenia trajektorii lotu rakiety eksperymentalnej, Automatic flight trajectory tracking system for an experimental rocket, 2020
  • K. Gałuszka, System sterowania hulajnogą elektryczną, Electric scooter control system, 2020
  • W. Gołębiowski, Porównanie wybranych algorytmów planowania ścieżki dla robota mobilnego, Comparison of selected path planning algorithms for mobile robot, 2020
  • W. Klimek, System zdalnego sterowania z telemetrią dla bezzałogowego statku powietrznego, Remote control system with telemetry data link for UAV, 2020
  • P. Nowik, System stabilizacji orientacji dla kamery satelitarnej, Attitude control system for a satellite camera, 2020
  • M. Gottschling, Badanie efektywności algorytmów sterowania dla bezzałogowych statków latających, Efficiency of control algorithm for unmanned aerial vehicle, 2020
  • P. Marczewski, Metody akceleracji obliczeń przy użyciu platformy FPGA, Methods of computing acceleration using FPGA platform, 2020
  • M. Chlebowski, Badanie akceleracji obliczeń w systemach wbudowanych, Study of computing acceleration in embedded systems, 2019
  • J. Pal, Budowa nadajnika telemetrycznego dużego zasięgu do zastosowań w aeronautyce, Long range telemetry transmitter for aeronautics purposes, 2019